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Pret Helmet Technology

PRET X was developed with direct input from our professional athletes to create a helmet line that conquers the most demanding conditions on the planet.  Places that don’t have lifts or boundaries.  Places where product failure isn’t an option.
We developed this line to provide the ultimate combination of performance, durability and safety. MIPS® and RECCO® help us push the envelope for snow sports safety and highest performance.MIPS® to better handle certain impacts and RECCO® for the backcountry. PRET X lives at the limits.

MIPS sets a new standard in helmet safety. Developed by brain surgeons and scientists to help address injury due to rotational acceleration with the goal to reduce rotational forces on the brain caused by angled impacts to the head.
The quick version - When a head rotates quickly and comes to a sudden stop rotational forces on the brain cause high levels of strain. The stressing of the tissue can result in various types of brain injury. Science has shown that by reducing the sudden strain on the tissue caused by rotational forces coming to a quick stop it might reduce the severity
of the brain injury. MIPS uses a low-friction slip plane system that is designed to rotate inside the helmet absorbing rotational energy potentially reducing the rotational energy
transfer to the head. 
For more about MIPS and why you should want it go to:
Available: Cirque X, Effect X, Shaman X,  Luxe X, Cynic X and Lyric X
MIPS™ AB cannot and does not warrantee that an individual who suffers a collision, fall, or other blow to the head or person while wearing this helmet equipped with the MIPS system will never suffer any concussion or other injury. User assumes all risks, including all risks of bodily injury or death, arising out of user’s participation in athletic, recreational and other activities while wearing this helmet. To the extent permitted by applicable law, MIPS AB expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, express or implied, other than those expressly made by MIPS AB herein, including those contained in UCC sections 2-314 and 2-315.


VTT4 (Vent Tuning Technology): 
NEW VTT4 Ventilation on the Cirque X opens up like no other helmet to allow for a massive amount of ventilation when you need it most, or shut down completely when conditions call for complete protection from the elements.  Front & rear channels in the system move the excess air out the back even when the vents are closed. Goggle vents have been optimized for fit & function with top performance goggles.
+ PATENT 8,256,032
Available:  Cirque X

VTT3 (Vent Tuning Technology): 
VTT3 is Pret’s unique combination of both indirect airflow and fully adaptable openings. This fully adjustable venting system 
provides optimal comfort and climate control. Directional front intake vents transport cool air through our proprietary labyrinth channels. This creates a capillary action that pulls warm, moist air out of the helmet 
while eliminating direct airflow to eliminate the dreaded “Brain Freeze”. 
The ultimate all-conditions system.
+ PATENT 8,256,032
Available:  Effect X, Shaman X, Luxe X, Facet, Shaman, Luxe 

VTT1 (Vent Tuning Technology): 
Our highly effective system of vents remove heat and moisture without exposure to the elements. The balance of front intake, top and rear vents controls air throughout the helmet. Vent covers are sewn right into the washable removable liner to completely close the front and top vents. The ultimate solution for simple, highly effective ventilation and lightest possible weight.
Available:  Cynic X, Lyric X, Cynic, Lyric, LID, Kid LID 

RCS Fit System: 
Designed by Pret, the Ripcord System (RCS) is the perfect micro-adjustable, compact and ergonomic fit system. 
RCS Features:
Simply pulling up on the adjustment dial and the exclusive Ripcord feature instantly releases the system. 
One full turn gives you 4cm of micro-adjustment. 
Best inside fit and shape with 5 shell sizes to guarantee perfect fit.
Available: Cirque X, Effect X, Shaman X, Luxe X, Cynic X , Lyric X, Facet, Shaman, Luxe, Cynic and Lyric  

ACT (Advanced Composite Technology): 
Optimized materials and construction - ACT places specific materials in key zones on the helmet and only where they add perfomance.
ACT Features:
(A) Top Carbon Composite Plate 
(B) Rear Carbon Composite Plate
(C) Side Carbon Composite Plate
(D) Polycarbonate Shell base
(E) Strongest and Lightest Construction 
Available:  Cirque X, Effect X  and Facet

Audio Ready Pockets: 
Drop in your audio for seamless tunes while cruising the hill. We recommend Outdoor Tech® Chips® audio (not included) for a seamlessly integrated audio experience. However most earbud style audio systems will fit underneath our Covert ear covers.
Available: All Pret helmet models

Covert Ear Cover System: 
Quickly and easily remove your ear covers without messing with the fit system. Perfect for hot spring days when you have quick weather changes.
Available:  Carbon X, Effect X, Facet X, Cynic X , Effect, Facet, Shaman, Luxe, Cynic and Lyric 

Goggle to Helmet Fit: 
Transparent designs starts with the perfect fit of goggles and helmet. Our helmets are designed to match the curvature of most of the popular goggle frames, eliminating the brain freeze gap and allowing efficient venting of the goggle venting system.
Available: All Pret helmet models


Made with 99% pure silver, X-Static® enhances products with a permanent anti-oder and anitmicrobal performance. It naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria in apparel and textiles, keeping odors in check and gear smelling fresher. X-Static® also has natural temperature regulating properties to keep you performing at your best. 
Available:  Cirque X, Effect X, Shaman X, Luxe X, Cynic X, Lyric X and Shaman

Fidlock SNAP Buckle: 
One hand operation with automatic closure even with gloves on. Way better then regular buckles.
Available: vailable:  Cirque X, Effect X, Shaman X, Luxe X, Cynic X, Lyric X, Facet, Shaman and Luxe 

All Pret helmets are ATSM F2040 and CE EN1077 certified.